Virtues Quilts

1. Bahai Virtues Quilts (2011-2013) – Inspired by The Virtues Project and the Bahai Faith.  The first quilt (2011-2012) is made of 9 blocks of 9 point stars with 9 virtues hand embroidered on each block and then hand quilted around each star.   The second quilt (2012-2013) is the same design but with 3 blocks of 9 point stars and 9 virtues.

2012+Quilts+004    Virtues_red_quilt

2. Empty Bowls Raffle Quilt (2012-2013) – Inspired by the Empty Bowls Festival and Cydney’s beautful photography.  The photos are printed onto fabric by Liane Pinel at Forever Keepsakes in Airdrie, then machine pieced and quilted and finally hand quilted with invisible thread throughout all the images. This quilt will be raffled off at the Airdrie Empty Bowls Festival June 22, 2013 at Nose Creek Park


3. Compassion Quilt (2013-2014) – The development of this quilt was part of an exercise in Compassion as part of the workshop, The 12 Steps To A Compassionate Life.  The design was inspired by the organization, Right To Play, which brings sports and play to impoverished areas around the world bringing joy and hope to the children living there.  This quilt has 8 blocks of hand-embroidered images of children playing.  All of the fabric for this quilt has been donated by friends who have collected hand made and local fabrics from their travels around the world.  This quilt is currently available for bidding in an Online Silent Auction to raise money for Right To Play.

Right+To+Play+Fabrics2Compassion QuiltRTPQuilt5

2 Responses to Virtues Quilts

  1. Virtues Project Airdrie says:

    We have raise over $500 for the Food Bank to date with the Empty Bowls Quilt Raffle. I hope everyone reading this will come out to the Empty Bowls Festival on June 22nd at Nose Creek Park to support this wonderful and creative event. Look for the quilt raffle at a table near where they are selling the bowls. Thanks to the whole community of Airdrie for supporting this wonderful annual event! To learn more about the event and the people that have originated it, go to the Virtues in Action page.

    • Virtues Project Airdrie says:

      The raffle for the Empty Bowls Quilt occurred on July 6th. Over $2000 was raised for the Airdrie Food Bank. The quilt was won by Lorna LePoudre, a very active volunteer within the Airdrie community.